The New Black Panthers

The new Black Panthers are a hold over of the old Black Panthers of the 1960’s.  The Black Panthers was, and still is, a small group of black, African Americans, who formed a pseudo militant  organization professing “black power” and other means in order to  obtain public notice for political purposes. Their main demonstrative persona is wearing  of military style uniforms, flailing their arms in the air with clinched black fist.  The purpose is to instill fear by white people and hopefully some element of respect.  Typically they are of low mentality and have very little in civilized reasoning.  The following video is of one of their leaders proposing that they kill, white people, especially white women who fraternize with black men and kill their white/black babies also.

Here is one of many examples of Black people hating White people so much that they want to kill all White people.  The following video was taped in an all Black church.  It is a good example that reinforces The New Black Panthers.

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