Sunday, September 24, 2017
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What's Happening At Galaxy Veracity Web Site

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Well the first thing that is happening at the Galaxy Veracity web site is this front page article that you are reading right here. It is designed to help our readers and newcomers to stay informed as to what is new and happening at this web site. This article does not tell everything, just some of the highlights of new articles and web site changes. So, in addition to surfing the Galaxy Veracity web site,

be sure and check here often.

  • Did you know we have a web blog also. It is titled The Galaxy Veracity Gazette -- "Reality and Truth NEWS on Planet Earth". The Galaxy Veracity Gazette blog is designed for dated current events that are of timely importance and interest. More long term and on going articles will be here on the Galaxy Veracity web site. Why don't you go check the blog out now. Click here.
  • I know, I know. many of you want to leave comments but just hate to log in with a personal registration. Sorry but I had to do it because of the automatic spam bots. They were driving me crazy leaving a bunch of spam and possible security breach. So be patient and register on the web site. Not only will you be able to leave comments but you will be able to view some of the secret and even more interesting stuff on the site. We got lots of things to be installed in a very short time.. So stay tuned.
  • We have added a Bibliography. This is a dynamic non-exhaustive list of most of the sources for what you read on Galaxy Veracity web site as well as the Galaxy Veracity Gazette blog. As always, we encourage the reader to check out and read our sources as well as others.




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