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Human Intelligence Measured - Low IQ Parents have Stupid Kids

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Yes, we are talking about IQ, the Intelligence Quotient.  Human culture revolves around IQ.  Low IQ means many problems in the human society.  The higher the IQ, means less problems.  We will spend much time on this subject elsewhere at this website.  This subject is very important.  It's one of the, if not the greatest cause of social problems in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world.  Let’s get some facts corrected about the subject of human intelligence.

The IQ of a human is carved in granite.  The IQ that a human is born with, is set for the rest of their life.  You can’t make it better.  Some techniques can, perhaps increase IQ by 7 or 8 points. This is basically insignificant.   Anything more than that is an anomaly.  IQ, however, can get worse by disease or physical trauma.  100 points is the average of the large sample of humans at that point in time that it was tested.  In other words, those considered to be 100 points (average) today are not as smart compared to those with 100 IQ, say, fifty years ago.  You can’t make a rocket scientist out of a human who has an IQ of 90.  Don’t argue with scientific fact.   This is, as you say, “a done deal”.  So, live with it.

What human culture has determined to be mental retardation, is an IQ of 70 or less.  An IQ of 70 to 80 is borderline mental retardation.  Normal IQ is between 90 and 110.  Bright is above 110.

Just because a person is knowledgeable with a lot of facts does not mean that they have a high IQ.  It is what a human can do with the facts that is the indicator of a higher IQ.  A humans ability to think and reason in abstract thoughts is the best indicator of a more intelligent person.  So, beware of a person that regurgitates a lot of factoids. They may have the ability to store knowledge but don’t know what to do with it.

I will refer the reader to the book, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, by Herrnstein and Murray. It is the default and definitive research on human IQ and class structure.  Don't bother to send any argumentative comments that it is not the truth.  Too many authoritative references have signed off on the book as being the truth.  So live with it and quit waisting time trying to lie and make some political statement.  This is a book of science and academic research. 

Is IQ based on genetics or cultural elements?

The scientific fact is that it is mostly based on genetics.  Like we said eariler, you are born with a certain IQ level and that is it

There is a certain smaller percentage that may contribute to IQ level and that is cultural.  This would be things like the type of resources that a family ma provide a growing child such as a better quality school; a non divorced family; higher standard of values; higher household income level.  But the scientific evidence shows that this can contribute a maximum of about 30% of the person IQ.  The other 70% is based on genetics at birth.  Again, you are born with it.

How did they determine this.  Well there were many ways and scientific experiments that determined this.  One of the ways was a follows:

They take identical twins who have the same DNA genetics from the same parents.  They adopt each newly born child out to two different parents.  One set of parents is of a class that has very few resources and has low cultural values, and sends the child to a poor school.

The other twin is adopted by a set of parents that provide the other twin with considerable better resources, better values, higer wealth and excellent educational facilities. 

In most cases, when the twins IQ is examined in later years, both twins IQ is still the same.  They are identical IQ in spite of their extremely different environment.  In other words, it is the genetics that was the driving factor that decided the IQ of the twin.  They both came from the same parents.  Culture had little if no effect on the human.

There were many other ways that this concept is scientificlly verified.  Read The Bell Curve Book and you will deffinatly see and understand.

What is the political element involved?





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Human Intelligence Measured - Low IQ Parents have Stupid Kids

Yes, we are talking about IQ, the Intelligence Quotient.  Human culture revolves around IQ.  Low IQ means many problems in the human society.  The higher the IQ, means less problems. ...


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