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You Are Being Fooled By Illusion Of The Media

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Following is a part of the script from the movie "Network".  The movie won 4 academy awards in 1976.    The following script really hit home very much.  It was so true in 1976 and even more so now in 2011.  The movie script speaks for itself as far as the message of this article.  It tells many things but it also indicates that what is true behind the scenes has been going on for many years.  It shows that deception is nothing new.
 One may also replace the words "tube" or "tee-vee" for the word "Internet" and see what you can vision in your mind.  Let us know what you think.
Setup:  Character is Howard Beal.  He is a old and outdated news anchor who just got fired for low ratings.  His mind cracked and he started to spill his feelings on the air to his TV public one night.  Exposing what really goes on behind the scenes with the TV execuitives

So, listen to me!
        Television is not the truth! Tele-
        vision is a goddamned amusement
        park, that's what television is!
        Television is a circus, a carnival,
        a travelling troupe of acrobats and
        story-tellers, singers and dancers,
        jugglers, side-show freaks, lion-
        tamers and football players. We're
        in the boredom-killing business!
        If you want truth, go to God, go
        to your guru, go to yourself because
        that's the only place you'll ever
        find any real truth! But, man,
        you're never going to get any truth
        from us. We'll tell you anything
        you want to hear. We lie like hell!
        We'll tell you Kojack always gets
        the killer, and nobody ever gets
        cancer in Archie Bunker's house.
        And no matter how much trouble the
        hero is in, don't worry: just look
        at your watch -- at the end of the
        hour, he's going to win. We'll
        tell you any shit you want to hear!

        We deal in illusion, man! None of
        it's true! But you people sit there
        -- all of you -- day after day, night
        after night, all ages, colors, creeds
        -- we're all you know. You're
        beginning to believe this illusion
        we're spinning here. You're be-
        ginning to think the tube is reality
        and your own lives are unreal. You
        do whatever the tube tells you. You
        dress like the tube, you eat like
        the tube, you raise your children
        like the tube, you think like the
        tube. This is mass madness, you
        maniacs! In God's name, you people
        are the real thing! We're the illu-
        sions! So turn off this goddam
        set! Turn it off right now! Turn
        it off and leave it off. Turn it
        off right now, right in the middle
        of this very sentence I'm speaking
        now --

The head of the TV network confronts Howard Beal alone and tells him the following:

Jensen explains to Beal what the real world is all about and that all that matters is the money made by the media.  He is alluding to the one world government. 

This is 1976.  Astounding.  No one still has heeded what it really going on behind the scenes even in today in 2011. 

        You have meddled with the primal
        forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I
        won't have it, is that clear?! You
        think you have merely stopped a
        business deal -- that is not the
        case! The Arabs have taken billions
        of dollars out of this country, and
        now they must put it back. It is
        ebb and flow, tidal gravity, it is
        ecological balance! You are an old
        man who thinks in terms of nations
        and peoples. There are no nations!
        There are no peoples! There are no
        Russians. There are no Arabs!
        There are no third worlds! There is
        no West! There is only one holistic
        system of systems, one vast and
        immane, interwoven, interacting,
        multi-variate, multi-national
        dominion of dollars! petro-dollars,
        electro-dollars, multi-dollars!,
        Reichmarks, rubles, rin, pounds and
        shekels! It is the international
        system of currency that determines
        the totality of life on this planet!
        That is the natural order of things
        today! That is the atomic,
        subatomic and galactic structure of
        things today! And you have meddled
        with the primal forces of nature,
        and you will atone! Am I getting
        through to you, Mr. Beale?
        You get up on your little twenty-
        one inch screen, and howl about
        America and democracy. There is no
        America. There is no democracy.
        There is only IBM and ITT and A T
        and T and Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide
        and Exxon. Those are the nations of
        the world today. What do you think
        the Russians talk about in their
        councils of state -- Karl Marx?
        They pull out their linear
        programming charts, statistical
        decision theories and minimax
        solutions and compute the price-cost
        probabilities of their transactions
        and investments just like we do. We
        no longer live in a world of nations
        and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The
        world is a college of corporations,
        inexorably deter- mined by the
        immutable by-laws of business. The
        world is a business, Mr. Beale! It
        has been since man crawled out of
        the slime, and our children, Mr.
        Beale, will live to see that perfect
        world in which there is no war and
        famine, oppression and brutality --
        one vast and ecumenical holding

        company, for whom all men will work
        to serve a common profit, in which
        all men will hold a share of stock,
        all necessities provided, all
        anxieties tranquilized, all boredom
        amused. And I have chosen you to
        preach this evangel, Mr. Beale.

                (humble whisper)
        Why me?

        Because you're on television, dummy.
        Sixty million people watch you
        every night of the week, Monday
        through Friday. 

HOWARD BEALE stands in his stained-glass-filtered
spotlight, but, rather than his old enraged self, he
seems sad, resigned, weary --

                HOWARD (ON MONITOR)
                (sad, resigned, weary)
        Last night, I got up here and asked
        you people to stand up and fight for
        your heritage, and you did and it
        was beautiful. Six million
        telegrams were received at the White
        House. The Arab takeover of C.C.
        and A. has been stopped. The people
        spoke, the people won. It was a
        radiant eruption of democracy. But
        I think that was it, fellers. That
        sort of thing isn't likely to happen
        again. Because, in the bottom of
        all our terrified souls, we all know
        that democracy is a dying giant, a
        sick, sick dying, decaying political
        concept, writhing in its final pain.

        I don't mean the United States is
        finished as a world power. The
        United States is the most powerful,
        the richest, the most advanced
        country in the world, light-years
        ahead of any other country. And I
        don't mean the Communists are going
        to take over the world. The
        Communists are deader than we are.
        What's finished is the idea that
        this great country is dedicated to
        the freedom and flourishing of every
        individual in it. It's the
        individual that's finished. It's
        the single, solitary human being
        who's finished. It's every single
        one of you out there who's finished.
        Because this is no longer a nation
        of independent individuals. This is
        a nation of two hundred odd million
        transistorized, deodorized,
        whiter- than-white, steel-belted
        bodies, totally unnecessary as human
        beings and as replaceable as piston
        rods ---

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